Joseph Hogan

Uploading new photo - issue
!Friendica Support

I had see the issue before, but I decided to ask after seeing it again tonight.

I am using 2019.12

When I upload a photo, once the upload is done, my browser ends up on a blank screen.

I need to refresh my browser and it will bring me back to my photos page.

Why is it not reloading the page automatically?
Steffen K9 🐰

@Joseph Hogan If I remember correctly there was a bug some time ago with the photo upload page. Maybe you should consider upgrading to the current stable version 2020.03.
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Joseph Hogan

@Steffen K9 🐰


I'd like to.

But, do I really need to upgrade the DB format to Barricuda? Or, like @Hypolite Petovan said, I can upgrade it with the built in upgrading tool in 2020.06?

I thought that it was a requirement, that is why I was nto sure.

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