Don't loose posts from rare posters anymore!
I had a problem with #, compared to Faceshit. I constantly read posts by only the most frequently posting accounts. And others were just lost on the timeline.

So I made a little script. Idea is to group contacts by posting frequency into couple of groups created just for this purpose, like "rare", "very rare" and "frequent". I run this script from time to time to automatically move contacts between these groups.


Script is written in Red, you can check the language out here: http://www.red-lang.org/

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Hypolite Petovan

Awesome, great work!
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Contradiction Finder

Good idea. I have this problem on #. There are only 3 categories on Mastodon: Federated, Local, Home. I would like to see Home split into two: Home-heavy posters & Home-light posters.
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