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Don't loose posts from rare posters anymore!

I had a problem with #, compared to Faceshit. I constantly read posts by only the most frequently posting accounts. And others were just lost on the timeline.

So I made a little script. Idea is to group contacts by posting frequency into couple of groups created just for this purpose, like "rare", "very rare" and "frequent". I run this script from time to time to automatically move contacts between these groups.

Script is written in Red, you can check the language out here:

@Friendica Support # #

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Thanks! I hope someone finds it useful.
Could something like this be integrated int to the main code?

It could be an option, not a forced feature?

It is an interesting and useful feature. Might be useful allowing users the options with out having add an extra set of code.
It is an interesting optional feature, but I'm afraid it can't be directly integrated in the main code and would require additional work to port it.
Good idea. I have this problem on #. There are only 3 categories on Mastodon: Federated, Local, Home. I would like to see Home split into two: Home-heavy posters & Home-light posters.
@Loziniak Will this be like an addon?
No, it's just a separate app, that tries to behave like standard # web interface. It's more like an automatization tool.
@Loziniak I see. @Hypolite Petovan I know you said in tromcast that perhaps such a feature is not something Friendica will implement, but you think is worth it as an addon? 😁
Since this script is written in Red and interfaces with Friendica's API, it would need to be entirely rewritten from Red to PHP whether we add it as a core feature or an addon. I'm glad this script exists but it isn't easily usable for us as is as none of us is familiar with the Red language.
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This looks great. How can us luddites access it?
I'm working on releasing it as a binary. Until then, it can be run with Red runtime (use automated builds).