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Branching out, musically

I have been looking at the music creativity side of me for awhile. While the Beethoven level of mastering music is not in my sight, I do have a few ideas I'd like to record and try and develop them.

At first, I was fine with the idea of just recording a song with the built in recorder. But, this is tedious s I need to record them o a USB key, then transfer them to my computer. For now, they are just Casio formatted recordings sitting on my hard drives.

I need to get them in software that allows me to record directly into the DAW(digital audio workstation) software.

Then, I want to create a score for the music.

I finally found some software ideas, and started with one that is called: Ubuntu Studio

I found by a little internet search and found a website dedicated to linux musicians!

I will be hanging out there from now on for inspiration and ideas.

I hope to learn lots over the coming weeks.