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Friendica Hackathon

2021-09-18 10:37:07

Friendica Hackathon 2021

Following our tradition of annual Hackathons we will gather together at the first weekend in October (Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd). As it was the case last year, the 2021 Hackathon will be online again. Further information on how to join will be posted in this conversation in the developers Forum.

If you want to join the Hackathon, please do so! No programming skills required for discussions and feedback is welcome.


Good to be back

I am very happy to be back.

I had an extended server migration and my Friendica was down for over two weeks🙁 The move was not as painless as hoped, and almost thought that the DB was unrecoverable due to a little corruption.

Thanks goodness for back ups😀 I went back a few days before the DB issues, and restored from there.

Looking forward to looking around again and joining back in the conversations.


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Tree life after death? Tree community supports those with no leaves

I was recently shared this article. I find it fascinating.

Even after a tree loses it leaves, or is chopped down, some still live:

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Past week of snow

This has been a great week for snow lovers. Walk out the front door and over a foot of snow fell this week. Many part of Canada and the US got plenty of snow this week.

Skiers rejoiced, hoorah!
Snow plow people get lots of work, $$$$!
Home owners get to shovel, sore back!!

We are all happy

IT has been nice out temperature wise though. Nice week to be out and about minding our own business, pandemic style😀

Hope you are all enjoying the colder months of the year(those in the northern hemisphere of course)!

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Best upgrade path?

@Friendica Support

HI you all. I've been busy lately, so not much activity lately. But, I am back on line a little more now and again.

I am currently on v2020.03

I have been unable to upgrade due to a few server constraints. These will be resolved i the next 2- 3 weeks.

Being that my version is 3 versions old, what is the best way to upgrade? Do I upgrade one version at a time? 2020.06, then 2020. 09 and then 2020.012?

Or, can I just upgrade directly you 2020.12?

A well, I will be switching to Maria DB from MySQL. Will this have any impact?


Latest release note say "If you are updating from an older version than the 2020.03 release, please first update your Friendica instance to that version." so you're good, you can upgrade directly to the last release.

As for the MariaDB switch, it is transparent for Friendica, nothing to change.
@Friendica Support @Hypolite Petovan @Pierre Bernardeau @Michael Vogel @silverwizard

Thanks for the feedback.

I did see the notes. But, I just wanted to make sure that you might have heard of some hiccups for others making a similar 3 version jump.

Once i get there, I'll get back at you with feedback.



Finally a good snow!

We finally got a snowfall worthy of a winters blessing. It started early this morning, and will last until tomorrow midday.

It was nice to see a white winter.  Putting aside the dreary excitement of pulling out the shovel for a heavy wet snow, we were able to enjoy the winter wonderland.

Glad it finally arrived!

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Capitol Hill riots

I found an article showing some of the rioters punishment of being placed on the no fly list.

I am sure that most thought that they got off free with no consequences.

Take a peek:

Apparently life is not fair for those who riot on capitol hill...

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Viral video shows Capitol rioter finding out he’s on the FBI’s no-fly list. He doesn’t take it well

The Daily Dot: Viral video shows Capitol rioter finding out he's on the FBI's no-fly list. He doesn't take it well (Kahron Spearman)


Silence is broken

My time has not been my own as of late. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off. The holiday period was a transition period, and was super busy.

Now that it is over, I am having more time for me😀

2021 will be a better year. Looking forward to a positive year.

More piano, and more time for exploring new sounds😀

More time for exploring with the wife and kids all the various activities we can do, even while being confined😀 Creativity, hopefully the cup runneth over...

Family, will be nice to once again visit family locally, and after a long road trip. Been too long.

Good year to you all!
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Greek community gains data freedom
Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet

The Daily Dot: Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet ([email protected])

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of you.

We will all be sitting in front of the TV soon in order to watch a few scary movies😀

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Been busy. Will post somethig soon. Work and kids eats up all my time! 😀


Apple puts up a roadblock to user's spouse's data...

I came across a one article that tells of a bleak story caused my Apple tech giant.

A woman's husband passed away, writing a story about his experiences as he was dying of Cancer. Once he passed away, it was all locked up in his Apple iCloud account. His wife had no access to it.

This article talks about the lack of policy by many governments, and lack of empathy, or a reason path to get that data, by Apple and other tech giants like Google and Face Book as well.

Read about this tragic story. Likely one of thousands that remain untold.

When can policy catch up to reality?

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Forced End of Life for Apple products?

There is a movement buidling over recent years due to the shear amount of waste that we as the human race, create.

One fo the things that we can do to improve this process is to use a product until it actually no longer works, even by trying to fix it.

Apple says that they do this, but according to the following article, what they say vs what they do, is not the same.

They sent to the garbage a large number of perfectly working phones that could be still used by those needing a basic phone.

Read and see how Apple works their legal magic to ensure that working phone are not used...


Amazon returns - most go to garbage...

Turns out that Aamazon does not, in practice, properly deal with returns and make sure that the products are resold or recycled.

Returns are usually not resold, and often end up in the garbage.

Product return rates are much higher that brick and mortar stores. SAo, ecommerce lends itself to higher return rates.

Things need to improve...

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Beethoven 5th like you've never seen it!

Here is Beethovens 5th like ones never seen it.

Will give you a greater appreciation of Beethovens' music, and this video creaters talent and patience to put this video together.

I already loved the theme from the 5th, now this adds a new light to it.


# #

YouTube: Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th (DoodleChaos)

I thought Beethoven’s fifth was a bottle 😁

🎼 💛 🎶


Supressing research on collatoral damage by oil drilling - Trumps team

One way to not have any resistance to a road block, is not to make the roadblock visible to the public. The following report was supressed my th etrump team.

Possible damage caused by future drilling in Alaska might further reduce the already reduced land available for polar bears.

Have a good read.

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Rainy day in Montreal!

As I woke up this morning, I knew it was supposed to rain. But, it was not until I stepped outside that I realized it was really true.

It is really going to be a drizzly day out there. Definitely a good day to stay inside and get indoor things done.

Well, off to start my day!

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Google anti trust lawsuit

I found a very good article about the ongoing investigations into Google, and the upcoming anti trust lawsuit.

Could be as big as the AT&T or Microsoft.

Google is too entangled in too many things, controlling too much power. Something needs to change. (could be another company like Facebook, etc..)

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Republicans new voting laws, 6 weeks before the election?

The republicans are getting closer and closer to voter suppression.

Proposing a bill that would limit counting times of mail in votes. This is as anti democratic and what Republicans blame the Democrats.

This is a sad state of affairs when those in power steps above and beyond simpe nme calling and propose laws to stifle what is supposed to be a simple and fair democratic process...

The question is: what are the Republicans afraid of when they need to supress votes?

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wiki text formatting question


Nice to have met you at the Hackathon!

Glad to be part of this group and project.

I have worked a little more on my wiki formatting.

I have come up on a part that I am not sure:

In the text, certain file names and commands are highlighted. But, I saw no way to do this.

I thought of highlighting it, but it does not give the same effect.

Thanks for any ideas.

# @Tobias


Battery recycling?

I was reading the newspaper today, and was reminded on the importance of recycling all types of batteries at your local recycling center, or battery recycling service.

The chemicals and metals and heavy metals that leach out into the land fill,and eventually the local water supply (aquifer, river, lake, etc...) is not encouraging.

The worst part, it slowly, over time, gets int our food chain, and we eat and drink them.

I said slowly over time, right? Well, for how many decades have we throwing batteries into the landfills?? We are likely already ingesting remnants batteries from days gone by...

Please recycle ALL your batteries 👍

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Montreal - zero waste?

Seems that Montreals zero waste objective is farm form solidifying...

I've always thought that with out some citizens incentive(or disincentives), many people just do not care about recycling or composting. What it in it for them.

Me, I am all in. But, it does take a minor effort to coordinate things. But, it just becomes a habit.

Hopefully things will improve...


Google and Facebook get their due... No more free news (at least in Australia)

I hope that this sets a precedent to show tech companies that while that have access to lots of media, it is not theirs.

Australia just will bev passing laws to force tech companies to (namely Facebook and Google) to pay for accessing and displaying content.


Walmart declares that suppliers will pay for their improvements?

Walmart has decided to force suppliers to receive a 1.25% or a 6.25% reduction in payments in order for Walmart to improve its brick and mortar stores and the online stores.

I though that this is what profits are for! ???

(article is in French)


Is it time to leave our cherished shoreline property?

Here is an article that discusses the idea of rethinking living on shoreline propoerty. Wit the rising of the oceans and th eextreme flooding that is happening, it might be time to revert some of these back to nature...


!Replace Facebook Community

Just found this forum and while it seems a bit dated, it has a few interesting discussions.

Seems interesting. Would be nice to see how to use Friendica more, and replace FB or other social media.

I am trying to figure out RSS feeds, and it is kind of working. Hope to figure it out better.
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RSS feeds

@Eric Rothoff

Hello Eric,

THis is Joseph. WE exchanged a message or two about using Friendica.

I am intrigued about the whole RSS thing.

How do you add them?
How are they listed on your freindica page?

I have used a RSS reader in the past, but if it is available here, and it can be managed decently, I'd look in to setting it up.

I am in the same situation. I am venturing out and trying something new, and all those i know are fine with FB. I am tryign to break away😀

Take care


Branching out, musically

I have been looking at the music creativity side of me for awhile. While the Beethoven level of mastering music is not in my sight, I do have a few ideas I'd like to record and try and develop them.

At first, I was fine with the idea of just recording a song with the built in recorder. But, this is tedious s I need to record them o a USB key, then transfer them to my computer. For now, they are just Casio formatted recordings sitting on my hard drives.

I need to get them in software that allows me to record directly into the DAW(digital audio workstation) software.

Then, I want to create a score for the music.

I finally found some software ideas, and started with one that is called: Ubuntu Studio

I found by a little internet search and found a website dedicated to linux musicians!

I will be hanging out there from now on for inspiration and ideas.

I hope to learn lots over the coming weeks.


Garbage - the growing waste problem...

I watched a show from CBC here in Canada. It was kind of depressing, the state of affairs concerning garbage:

Being that it is the CBC, the show might not be visible outside of Canada.

It shows an ever growing problem of garbage, and how we deal with it in a poor way here in Canada.

Happy viewing.


A new addition to the family...

I got back to playing the piano after a 20 year break. Even before then, it was sporadic since moving to Canada.

A year and a half ago, I bought a good used Korg electric piano. It was amazing in the sense that I have not listened to electric pianos for a long time. This one sounded very real, and I was impressed. I had a synthesizer back in the early 1990s, and it was nice for somethings, but it was a synth, not a piano😀

I practised a lot and it came back to me.

I the started looking for a more advanced keyboard with more features like recording, midi, connection to a computer.

I got myself, after lots of research, a Casio PSX-3000. It is packed with things I will never use, but that will not stop me from trying and exploring new things.

Here is my precious one:

I am having fun again on my piano after all these years!!!
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Yet another puzzle adventure, completed!

This one, a nice seen, took some extra time, but it was worth the smile it brought to our faces when we finished it!


Trumps latest tantrum - twitter flagging false news... Points to further reading for those who want to follow up

How much legal grand does Trump stand on?

Not much according to the EFF:

Trump is doing what exactly?

Trying to right a wrong?

Stopping from being deprived of his favorite public ranting platform?

Or, just blowing smoke out of his back side in order to rile up his followers to remind then vote for him?

I tend to believe the last one. The more he keeps the world busy about no issues, the more he slips his agenda by... Or, avoids talking about what should be talked about.

Another day, another trump rant...
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Did we learn from the previous pandemic?

The results are far from over, or even conclusive for now.

But, we did live a similar experience 100 years back. Less were learned. Depending on who you speak to, maybe the lessons learned have been lost and forgotten.

Here is an interesting article that mulls over this idea:
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Uploading new photo - issue

!Friendica Support

I had see the issue before, but I decided to ask after seeing it again tonight.

I am using 2019.12

When I upload a photo, once the upload is done, my browser ends up on a blank screen.

I need to refresh my browser and it will bring me back to my photos page.

Why is it not reloading the page automatically?
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@Joseph Hogan If I remember correctly there was a bug some time ago with the photo upload page. Maybe you should consider upgrading to the current stable version 2020.03.
@Steffen K9 🐰


I'd like to.

But, do I really need to upgrade the DB format to Barricuda? Or, like @Hypolite Petovan said, I can upgrade it with the built in upgrading tool in 2020.06?

I thought that it was a requirement, that is why I was nto sure.

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Puzzle me crazy

I have liked doing puzzles since so so long I do not remember.

I have some how enticed my boys into this game of patience.

Here is our latest completed puzzle.

It helps to have extra eyes looking for pieces😀
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Further canning adventures

I tried last year with making pear jam.

It did not go quite as planned. Most of my pear jam turned in to pear syrup.

Nothing lost, as we ran out of maple syrup for the pancakes and waffles, so this worked rather well!

This time, I set my eyes on strawberry jam. You know what, it worked like a charm. It will last be a few months! It is less sweet than normal jam, but I was trying to reduce all the sugar normally found in jams. It turned out tasting pretty good.

What will I try next?


Baking skills are improving

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