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I am writing because recently I tried using your android based application Friendiqa.

It works for the most part. But, there are is something causing me issues:

1 - I can not upload a photo, as I upload it, the sending of the message fails, and I get: network error: AP: https// Return:

I'd wold have written to you via the gitlab account on the git.friendica site, but while there is a way to log in, I could not find a way to create an account.

Thanks for any feedback.


@Marco R.
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On a positive note...

On a more upbeat note, I have been messing around on my new piano. It has a large number of extra features more than my older one. It has sounds an features that I am slowly discovering. While exploring, I can not help but play be a little creative and work up a few new melodies. We'll see where they go...

It is nice to be back on the piano after all those years. It has only been a year and a half, but I am progressing pretty well, both relearning old pieces, and tackling some new ones.


slowly downhill - life continues to slow down

We really are slowing down. We are allowed to go out less and less. But, things are getting done around the house, slowly.

Work has then a deep decline in volume.

But, I have been spending time doing lots of little things I could not do.

Lets hope we all obey the basic principals and stay away from each other😀 This should slow it don a bit.

Good luck and be strong.


Another day under the covid 19

Life has changed a bit under the COVID 19.

Just staying home and hanging out with Myrtelle and the kids a lot more.

Will surely get more done around the house since work has dwindled to a fraction of the normal volume.

Time will tell what becomes of all this.

Til next time


Canada - coronovirus updates

Latest news in Canada. We get a daily update on the effects of the coronovirus. Interesting to see the progressin, and also the measures taken by the local governemnts, as well as the citzens.
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email test

@Hypolite Petovan

Hello Hypolite

This is Joseph. I have been learnign with yours and others help on the helpers forum.

My email was not working for 2 days, and it just started working.

Can you reply to this to let me know that it works with someone outside of our system?


Hi Joseph, I got your message!
Thanks a bunch. Justmy forums that have to hopefully start working again.
Have a good night.