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Past week of snow

This has been a great week for snow lovers. Walk out the front door and over a foot of snow fell this week. Many part of Canada and the US got plenty of snow this week.

Skiers rejoiced, hoorah!
Snow plow people get lots of work, $$$$!
Home owners get to shovel, sore back!!

We are all happy

IT has been nice out temperature wise though. Nice week to be out and about minding our own business, pandemic style😀

Hope you are all enjoying the colder months of the year(those in the northern hemisphere of course)!

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Finally a good snow!

We finally got a snowfall worthy of a winters blessing. It started early this morning, and will last until tomorrow midday.

It was nice to see a white winter.  Putting aside the dreary excitement of pulling out the shovel for a heavy wet snow, we were able to enjoy the winter wonderland.

Glad it finally arrived!

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